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Wigs wholesale & hair Wholesale

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Wigs wholesale & hair Wholesale

The Wig and Hair Goods Industry  Directory of wholesale  Manufacturers, Distributors and Wholesalers is the industry source directory for wholesale wigs and wholesale hair.

This application is to the public wholesale wig and wholesale hair suppliers in the directory.
You will also learn how to access Over 220 suppliers of over 600  brands of wigs and hair products.

Wigs wholesale & hair Wholesale Form help is here on the left side. 

1. Choose the ones that apply to you.










2 Pick your products.

If you are looking to buy wigs wholesale  what quality are you looking to sell in your shop or on your website?

Are you looking for Caucasian products or products for women of color or both?




3 Please include your complete mailing address. Information can not be sent to you if it is incomplete. Please double double check it.

Your email address must be a "valid"  email address for us to verify your request AND send you any information  This is a "NO SPAM" site.  No information is sent out unless we can verify that you actually made this request.  








4 Suppliers would like to know enough about your company to make the best offer they can to you on their products and/or services.

Give them as much information as you can to make it easier for them to make that decision.

It is, of course,   hard to tell what quantity of product you will buy from a particular company but what quantity of product do you normally purchase on average?  

Do you need an open account or how do you normally pay? The supplier will need to send you an additional application to open up a credit account with them. 







5 Manufacturers  Distributors in the industry sell to resellers with the best pricing. Wholesalers may sell in much smaller quantity but often with higher prices.  





Note >>>>>



6 Are you looking for all types of suppliers or just drop shippers and those that require a small initial investment?  

Do you want wigs and hair suppliers from anywhere or only from certain locations



7. Wigs

Choose if you want all types of wigs  with all types of fibers OR

OR Optional

Are you looking for a specific type of wig product?  

Wigs with specific   Fiber Types -
Choose the  hair types you want your wigs to have.


8. Wig Caps

Are you looking for wigs with specific cap types or all types?

Choose all or pick the types you want under options. 




(Not wigs)

Are you looking for all Hair products or a specific hair product?

Choose either all of the specific you are looking for under Optional. 



Choose All types or if you are looking for something in particular choose specific types of product or products under optional
















11. Lots of additional info that will be helpful to you  and your business right now or in the future. 

This includes help finding suppliers. directories, 

confidential wig and hair industry information,

help to increase your website or shop sales,

trade shows and classified, blogs etc.,     

and selling your overstock.



12 Business License

Do you have a business or reseller license as yet or are you just getting one?

Please give us the appropriate info. to the right

If you are a new business you may not have this information as yet. 



1. Read the info and then Yellow box Simply click the box on the right

Please enter the numbers and/or letters you see on the right into the yellow box.

Why? To keep spammer robots from sending this (for humans only) form.

Are you able to receive email? Your spam filter or junk mail filter may be blocking your good email especially with  free  AOL, gmail, and yahoo email accounts


This Section is for EXISTING AND NEW Retail or Wholesale Businesses who sell to the public and are looking for wholesale hair, wigs wholesale from hair goods Manufacturers, Distributors or Wholesalers to purchase supplies for their store, shop, salon or Internet Website etc.  Please Note: None of these wholesale suppliers sell retail, send out catalogs or make wholesale pricing available to consumers. Consumers: Please visit ou  Retail Directory and find suppliers listed there who offer price saving of as much as 60% below suggested retail.


We are members of the Better Business Bureau. BBB accredited business logo

Instructions - How to use this Form 

Please Read: Wigs wholesale & hair Wholesale  Privacy Information and Terms of Agreement  

There are only  12  = Required Fields  below. You must fill these out. Most fields are strictly optional, but remember - The more information you give us below the better we can help you. 
When you see  = Choose 1 Only Try It. Click on your choice. You can only choose one. 
When you see = Choose all that apply Try It.
The boxes can be checked and unchecked Try It.

1a    All of the information in required.  Your business status is:

Do you have a business/resale license?

   Yes, I have business licensing (You have a license required for your locale or country to sell "products" to the general public, For Example: 1. business license or 2. resale license or 3. Tax resale license or  4. beauty, wig  or hair store related license 5. other license required in your area

   No I do not have a business license but am starting a new business  

  If you
don't have a license as yet please choose the applicable reason
   have applied and am waiting for the license.   Will be applying for a license shortly 
  Not legally required in locality   
  Don't know if I need one     Don't plan to get one.
  I am a consumer and just want to know what the wholesale cost is on some products. I just want information.

Is your business selling wigs & hair from or (if new) will it be selling from: 
1b    a physical location   on the Internet or both  please choose one

1c    If you sell on the internet  - Please type in your website address below.

Product types you are looking for.

     Caucasian Wig & Hair Products   Ethnic (African) Products     All product types
Please choose one   Some suppliers produce or supply only specific types of products.

Which hair products are you looking to purchase?

2a   WIGS wholesale  Wholesale HAIR PIECES  Wholesale HAIR  OTHER Hair Related Products
Choose all that apply

2b     Choose all that apply below.

Inexpensive - Less than (Wigs under  $50 wholesale) 
     Moderately priced products (Wigs $50 -100 wholesale)
Higher End Products (mono, special caps, medical, lace, etc) (Wigs- $101-300 wholesale )
High End Products (Lace - European - Custom (Wigs -  301- 600+



We need ALL the following for mailing catalogs and price lists

3a Your Full Name

3b    Your Company Name - if already in business

Your Street Address + ( Suite #,  third door on left, etc )

City,    State,   Zip   Country --   (or Province Country, Postal Delivery Code), 

 Please include your area code & (If possible) include country code for outside of USA



3i      PLEASE NOTE:  This email address will be used to verify that you requested this information.  You must use a live email address where you can receive email.  We are a "No Spam" website. To insure that your email is not being used by someone else to put you on a mailing list you must respond to the email to confirm your request or no information can be sent out to you.



4a If in Business Year 
Accept the above or in the box highlight
Just Starting and type in THE YEAR YOU STARTED

4b Sole Proprietor  Partnership Corporation Other   
please choose one even if you are just starting in business

4c   Type of business - if already in business, type you are in Beauty Supply, Wig Shop, Cosmetologist, Distributor, Wholesaler, Online Retailer, Other:


If you are just starting a new business please give us some details about yourself or what your business plan is, when you will be getting your licensing, etc.. This will help us help you better. 

If you are in business already what is your expansion plan if any.  Not required but  this info will help us help you. 

4f  If you are already in business please give us the following info to help us determine what pricing structure will be best for you.  This information is not required but helpful. 

How many wigs, hair pieces or related products do your currently purchase per month.
On the average - How many products do you currently buy at one time. 

4g  Please tell us your 
Check or Money Order  Credit Card  An Open Credit Account
Please Note: Open accounts require a credit check and additional information will be sent to you and needed  from you. 

Optional:   PayPal - PayPal accounts are accepted by some suppliers but not all.

5a. Requesting Catalogs & Wholesale Pricing  from Manufacturers Distributors Wholesalers Note: In the Wig and Hair Goods Industry most manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers sell directly to resellers.  

5b I want a choice of a large number of suppliers so I can pick which ones to do business with and which brands I want to carry.

5c I KNOW THE BRANDS I WANT TO CARRY  - Please use comment box below and tell us which brands you want.  There are 600 + brands in our Hair Goods Industry  InsidersClub™ directory.  


 From here on: You should check off the items in this color box if they apply

Optional:  This color box is totally optional.  But, the more information you give us the better suppliers can help you.


6a. Do you want   All suppliers
  Suppliers that drop ship  
  Suppliers with low initial investment requirements ($200 or less)

6b . Geographic Area you want contact with. There are Over 220 worldwide suppliers in our InsidersClub™  directory. Choose the supply area  or areas you want to buy from:   
  Worldwide Suppliers Everywhere   OR

Optional:   Asia (but not China) China   /   USA Canada
Central and South America  /  Europe ( & Russia)  /  India  Middle East 



To help us help you better "Please" check all the items you are looking for  and fill out the comment boxes to give us more details where that might help: 

7a  If you are looking for  Please choose one

7b  Are you looking for wigs with Synthetic Hair  Human Hair
All products in general including everything listed under optional below.

Optional:  choose all that apply Fashion Wigs and hair pieces for women. Costume Wigs Custom Made Products  Lace Wigs Medical Wigs Men's Wigs  Women's and men's Hair Replacement Products  Unbranded Hair and Wig Products - Where you can add your own label



8  If you are  looking for wigs what  do you want?
All cap types
Yes?     OR

 choose all that apply Wafted Cap Wafted Cap W/Tabs Monofilament, Mono-TopFull Lace Cap, Lace front cap, Cranial prosthesis, Medical Cap Integration Hair Replacement Cap Types Glue on or Tape on cap types

Other Cap Type Please Specify Below



.   9  If you are looking for   do you want  all types  Yes? or

Optional: choose all that apply Raw, Bulk, Wefts, European, Indian Ethnic, Kosher, Braiding, Remy. Weaving, Yaky , etc Hair Extensions p;
Hair Accessories 

Other:  If so Please use comment box below to give us details or check off the type below the box


10.   Do you also need Yes?  - All products in general or

:  choose all that apply

Mannequins, display mannequins, training manikins, Bloc Heads etc.

Wig and hair pieces adhesives, tapes and solvents etc.

Wigs and Hair Styling Products  shampoos , conditioners etc.

Eyelashes, brows    Mustaches beards etc. 

Wig Styling Training Videos etc.

Hair Dressing Supplies  - brushes, pins, chin straps, , Wig Steamers etc.

Hair Extension supplies and tools, hair extension irons, rayon thread, hair weaving thread etc.

Do you need the following?

Wigs making equipment caps, hair,  hair and wigs machines, etc.

Training & Business Ops information





  Please choose all that would be helpful to you. 
I am Interested in becoming a Hair Goods Industry InsidersClub™ member and gaining access to the Over 220 wholesale suppliers and over 560 brands of product both online and through a printable directory.
I want to get general "start-up information" for starting a wig and hair goods business such as who can get into the business, profits, licensing requirements etc.  
I would like access to the free report  The secret of getting as many as 150 wig manufacturers and hair products suppliers to start sending you catalogs and wholesale prices in 72 hours.
I would like access to the hair goods Industry
"Confidential Report"  
...the ins and outs of buying selling hair products for profit

I would like to have a paper directory of all wig, hair piece and accessories suppliers available to me.
I am interested in knowing how to increase my sales using the internet.
I want more customers for my local shop
I am interested in learning about trade shows and industry events.
I am interested in the trade classifieds.
I am interested in industry information and industry blog.

I am interested in selling my wig and hair piece overstock or  placing it on consignment  to be sold on the Internet. 


Anything else that we forgot or that you would like to share with us.


Please include your license #  if available to you now. Some suppliers will not send information unless you include your license information.

12b    or

Have a  Diploma from recognized cosmetology, wig styling, hair extension, hair replacement or wig making course? Which Course?

  Please check your information above to make sure it's correct. Double check your email and mailing address. If you get no information it may be because you made an error in one of these.

 Please note:  We guarantee to send the information you requested once you confirm your request. However, If you have not  received any information within 48 hours your spam filter or your junk mail filter may be set too high and may be blocking it in error.  Check to make sure this is not happening to you.

          Privacy and Terms and conditions
Please click on the link, read the agreement, and check off that you agree.

  (no caps)   
For security reasons - You must enter the letters and numbers you see to the left of the box above

 If you receive an error after saying yes (for any reason) use the back button  on you browser. This will allow you to come back to this form without loosing the information. 

After you press submit please wait for the next page to come up.
  The next page will give you confirmation that your request was received as well as give you additional information relating to your request. 




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