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                    Magic Of Wigs Styling Video

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Becoming a reseller:

1. To become a reseller for this product you need to fill out the application below. You must be a qualified reseller with a business license. or resale license. or cosmetology or hair dresser license.

2. You are ordering the Hair Again - the Magic of Wigs sample video for $14.95 plus $8 U.S. shipping & handling, ($22.95 total) for evaluation. However, you will receive a free video when you place your first order. and, the product is guaranteed unconditionally. If you decide not to carry this product, you can return it within 10 days of receipt and get a refund - less S & H. You will receive your reseller code with your order and the link to place wholesale orders and drop ship orders. 

Payment Methods are:  Credit Card, PayPal (incl. Your Account, Credit Card, or E-Check), Money Order, or  Check -(checks need to clear so there may be up to 7 day delay).   

Initial Purchase:

3. (Optional) when you receive the code, your next step will be to order 12 videos for 119.40 (9.95 each) plus 15.00 S&H (USA Only) TOTAL 134.40. Again, when you place this order, you will receive one additional video at no cost to make your initial sample "free". You of course charge your customers what ever you want. We recommend 39.95 to 49.95 in your shop or 24.95 to 29.95 on the Internet.  

Drop Shipping:

1. With Inventory: After your initial order of 12 you will be able to  have us drop ship directly to your customers. Your cost is 11.95 plus $8 S & H (pass the $8 to your customer)

2. Without Inventory: If you did not order 12 to start with you can still have us drop ship at (14.95 plus $8 S&H  (pass the $8 to your customer)

Note:  All Fields are required.
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I understand the video is $14.95 plus $8 U.S. shipping & handling, ($22.95), and if I order 12 or more videos later, I will receive one additional video at no cost to make this sample "free".  I also understand that I can return the video within 10 days of receipt and receive a refund of the purchase price (less shipping and handling).

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